What The People In North Korea Have To Say About Donald Trump

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Kim Jong-un’s dictatorship aside, we think the hermit kingdom’s citizens are right on the money when they labelled once reality TV star business mogul turned president, a “maniac”.

United States President Donald Trump has been waging a war with his mouth, firing statements – making enemies with people across the globe.

He has made it crystal clear that he wants to “destroy North Korea” and tells the republic “do not underestimate us and do not try us (United States).”

Though Kim only had this to say: that Trump is a "mentally deranged dotard" as well as "a rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire, rather than a politician", and deemed even "a frightened dog barks louder" than Trump who spoke in his United Nations speech – his citizens have now spoken up on how they feel about Trump.

Ri Yong Hui/ Photo:CNNRi Yong Hui/ Photo:CNN“The reality here is very different. We're leading a happy life," CNN reported Ri Yong Hui, a housewife who called Trump, saying.

"Trump has no right to talk about human rights. He's a simple war maniac," she added.

While Ri Won Gil, an editor at a publishing company not only called Trump a maniac but “a fool”.

"(Trump) knows nothing at all about North Korea and in general about the Korean nation.

"He has no common sense or knowledge about what we are. He may have said some things, but we don't really care.Ri Won Gil/Photo: CNNRi Won Gil/Photo: CNN

“We have our own national economy which was carved out and developed by the previous leaders and is being continuously built by the current leader,” he said, adding that “the only response to what he is saying is to give him a good beating with a stick."

Trump may have missed the sign intruding in people’s backyard, bringing nuclear war talks instead of peace, as his recent visit to Seoul, South Korea was not received too well with people holding up placards reading “Trump Not Welcome”, “Say No To Trump” and “Say No To War.”

The Independent reports, the reception was extremely disillusioning to many Koreans, a majority of whom do not approve of him as US President and fear he may lead their country into war with the North.

“I hope that American citizens pay attention to what’s happening here. War brings tragedy,” Kim Hyun-a, a teacher who joined hundreds of protesters told The Washington Post.

Photo: AP Photo: AP

On Monday (Nov 6), South Korean President Moon Jae relayed, “Today marks the first time the two presidents of South Korea and the United States have come together to a U.S. military base in South Korea to encourage their troops,” Yonhap News reports – which clearly does not sound like good news.

Trump who flew to China after his visit had urged on Thursday (Nov 9) for allies to stop nuclear menace: “All responsible nations must join together to stop arming and financing and even trading with the murderous North Korean regime,” he stated.

But the question is, who is really stopping Trump’s menace and who is the real threat? And is war really the answer? Perhaps hostile maniacs beg to differ from the truth.