[Video] Saleswoman Is Paraded Around Her Office Naked To Boost Morale Of Colleagues

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Pic: YoutubePic: Youtube

She wears nothing but dark sunglasses and ankle-length black boots and can be seen raising her middle finger to the camera before getting dressed again and going back to her desk.

The unidentified brunette strutted down the isle of a call centre in Warsaw, Poland, with suited salesmen line up on either side of the office cheering her on.

Pic: YoutubePic: Youtube

The naked woman apparently paraded through her office in a The Wolf of Wall Street-style stunt set up by her boss in order to boost morale.

In the film The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio's character – based on real-life New York broker Jordan Belfort – hires a group of strippers to dance around his office to give his salesmen a lift.

This female Polish employee was paid by her boss to walk naked through the aisles to motivate the other salesmen in the office, which calls customers to persuade them to buy stocks, according to local reports.

The video has divided opinion among viewers.

One called Buu posted: "The world is ending ... people behave like animals for what ... for a piece of paper they sell themselves, lose their dignity and respect. Sad and pathetic."

Another called Adam commented: "The boss should be ashamed of himself. And so should she."

But Elf81 wrote: "I do not understand this indignation. The girl wanted to go naked and did. I do not like it but let's not be so prudish. I get the impression that some here have never seen a naked women before."

The young woman quit her job in the weeks after the video went viral on social media.

Psychotherapist Katarzyna Kucewicz told local media: "The situation she is in is undoubtedly traumatising. This is just like with rape. In the case of rape the trauma grows over time. And here it may be similar, in the first weeks this girl may feel reconciled with what she did, maybe even laugh.

"But we do not know yet whether she will begin to get symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Our psyche is more fragile than we realise."

- IBTimes