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[Video] "Pass Out Challenge" Going Viral Among Malaysian Teens, Might Lead To Stroke Or Death

Remember the Ice bucket challenge? Well, if you don't, let me jog your memory. It was a challenge which requires someone to douse themselves with a bucket of ice-cold water while filming themselves. It was done to create awareness for Lou Gehrig's disease, and it became an internet phenomenon due to the number of celebrities endorsing the challenge.

Now, a new challenge is making its rounds on the Internet.

It's called the "pass-out game" or the "skip challenge.

The way it works is, one person will press and apply enormous pressure to another person's chest until he or she is unconscious.

Sounds like a terrible idea? Yeah, but apparently some Malaysian teens do not think so, as the trend is gaining traction among them.

According to FMT, there have been several videos already of this challenge, and one of them shows a bunch of guys pressing their friend's chest until he buckled over, from having oxygen cut off from his brain.

They panicked for a while, until the "player" regained consciousness, where they continued laughing with their friends.

Although it looks like the boys are having fun, the challenge is actually very dangerous as it involves cutting the oxygen flow from the brain of the player.

This can lead to significant brain damage, stroke or even death.

Prof Dr Mohd Taib Dora, who is the National Professor’s Council social development and welfare deputy cluster head, warned that the stunt was reckless and could lead to health complications and even death.

“This dangerous act is crazy, it could cause death. The teenager might suffer a stroke or (become) paralysed,” he was quoted as saying.

Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya has also warned that this trending game is dangerous and can cause brain death.

"Never, never press the chest, even if the friend wants to have fun. When the chest is pressed, a person is unable to breathe as oxygen is cut off.

"In five minutes, when oxygen is cut off from the brain, the brain can die. Do not ever do that," he told reporters at a H,ealth Ministry event on Saturday, The Star reports.

Highlighting this silly and dangerous challenge is timely to bring awareness to parents to caution their children about the deadly risks of this game.