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Incidents Of Data Leakages A Growing Concern Among ASEAN Countries

In the modern age, almost everything about a person is available online. Which is why data leakages are one of the scourge of technology that must be eradicated.

But how would you feel if you know that most data leakages happen due to internal violations?

That's exactly what InfoWatch's study regarding data leakages reveal.

According to InfoWatch's study, internal violators make up of 56% percent of data leakages incidence in ASEAN compared to only 44% of leakages were the result of external attacks and former employees.

InfoWatch also said that the incidents of compromised data were caused by executives, IT administrators and other authorized personnel.

“It is a disturbing sign to see that a relatively high percentage of leaks stem from top managers and system administrators who fall into the category of ‘privileged users’,” said Vladimir Shutemov, Chief International Business Development Officer of InfoWatch Group.

When the data leakages incident was categorised according to their industries, the research pointed out that 43% of data leakages in Southeast Asia were from public institutions, such as the government, military, and law enforcement agencies.

This is in stark contrast when compared to the global trends, which puts at only 13% of leakage stemming from public institutions.

The research also categorised the data leakage incidents into types of data leaked. And in Southeast Asia, South Korea, India and Bangladesh, the report stated that most of the data leaked were personal data, which made up of 77% of data compromised.

Findings of the research is particularly worrying, as personal data leaks can lead to other crimes such as financial scams, and impersonation.

InfoWatch's research findings should act as a wake up call for all of us, so let's do our best to protect our data in the cyberspace.