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The True Story Behind Viral Video Of The Man That Was Buried Alive

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Recently, a horrifying video showing a group of people excavating a grave and amazingly, taking out a man alive went viral on YouTube and social media.

According to an Indonesian news portal, when the video went viral, the story that spread was that the man somehow managed to stay alive, even after four days of being in the grave.

In the description of the video, it stated that the spooky incident happened in Kalimantan Selatan and that the man had been buried for four days.

But due to the constant screaming coming from the grave, they decided to excavate the grave back up and were horrified to discover that the man was still alive after being buried for four days.

However, after some research, we found out that the video was actually recorded in 2010.

The grave they dug open belonged to someone named Yadi, and the grave was excavated due to his family believing that he was still alive.

Unlike the description of the video, Yadi was only buried for eight hours, and not four days.

According to an Indonesian news report, Yadi passed away after drowning in a river. His family found him and quickly rushed him to a hospital.

But when they reached the hospital, it was already too late and Yadi had passed away. The family then laid him to rest at a graveyard near their home.

However, that night, Yadi's wife started demanding for her husband's grave to be excavated because she believed he was alive, so his family did so in believing her claim.

After his grave was excavated, Yadi's body was taken to a hospital for a check.

There, the medical team declared that Yadi indeed had passed away, although his family was adamant that Yadi was still alive, due to his body being still warm and the visible traces of sweat on his body.

But after a long time waiting, Yadi never regained consciousness, and his family finally accepted his fate and laid him back to rest.

So, there you go, the story of the viral video. Let's take this as a lesson that not everything on the internet can be taken at face value.