LAST_UPDATEFri, 20 Jul 2018 12pm

Students At Local University Hold A Memorial For A Goose That Passed Away

Death is a part of life. But although death is very natural, it is also one of the things that are very hard to accept.

And this not only applies to humans, but also to animals, especially animals that have a special place in our hearts.

Which is why it is understandable when students from the Taylor's University Lakeside Campus held a memorial for a goose that died.

The geese are quite a celebrity figure in Taylor's, with most of students having happy fond memories of encounters with them.

So understandably, it is quite shocking for them to find out that one of their beloved unofficial mascots had passed away.

To honor the goose, the students decided to hold a small memorial service, which included the students lighting candles and placing flowers near a photo of the much loved fowl.

We at Malaysian Digest would like to extend our condolences to all Taylorian students, and we hope that they will be able to use this loss to grow stronger as a person.