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[Video] Boy Nearly Lost His Hand After Getting It Stuck In An Escalator

Pic: NewsFlarePic: NewsFlare

A boy could have lost his right hand after it got stuck in a moving escalator if it wasn't for the fast action of another individual to stop the escalator.

A CCTV video captured the incident that took place in a shopping mall in Jilin, north-east China, on September 9, Daily Mail reports.

The video shows the boy wearing a yellow shirt taking the escalator while accompanied by an adult, who allowed him to sit on the downward stairs.

The boy stretched out his right arm and when they neared the end of the escalator, his right hand was suddenly trapped in the machine’s skirt panel.

The adult immediately tried to help the boy but was unable to free his hand.

A woman in a pink top, said to be a worker at the shopping mall, just stepped on the escalator when she saw what had happened and had immediately turned around to reach the emergency stop button.

After the escalator stopped, she went down to check on the pair at the bottom of the escalator.

It was reported that the boy was saved by firemen who were called to the scene and he was later sent to the hospital for treatment.

Fortunately, accounts claimed that the boy’s injury was not serious.

As escalator accidents are unfortunately not few and far between, parents and adults alike should remember to look after the young ones and make sure that they are safe when using the escalator.