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[Video] Shocking Moment Toddler Falls From Car, Almost Gets Crushed To Death

 Pic: FacebookPic: Facebook

Imagine if you had been driving behind this car and a child rolls out on the road right in front of you, what would you do?

This terrifying dashcam footage of a little girl falling from a car and just missing being run over has gone viral after it was posted on Facebook recently.

Posted on Facebook by user Pornpilin Aeamsaad, the 2 minute recording shows cars stopping at a busy intersection in the Minburi district in Bangkok.

The white Nissan Almera is at first stationary but when the car begins to move, a little girl falls out of what appears to be the passenger seat.

Pic: FacebookPic: Facebook

She lands right smack on the busy road under the car and yet, the driver of the car continues to move forward and almost runs her over.

In the nick time, the toddler picks herself up and runs after the car. About two seconds later, the car comes to a halt and a woman emerges to pick up the girl and puts her back in the car, before driving off.

A near commotion can be overhead with terrified screams and cries from the people in the vehicle with the dashcam filming the incident while honking and screaming of spectators can also be heard.

“Your kid fell, and you don’t even know!” a woman is heard screaming in the video, IBTimes reports.

“I want the video to be a lesson for parents who have small children that they might want to invest in a car seat, rather than to face an unexpected event,” Pornpilin wrote in the caption to the video she uploaded.


After the video was shared on Youtube, netizens quickly responded with their own advice and outrage over the incident.

Some YouTube users criticized the woman who was in charge of keeping an eye on the child in the car with her, IBTimes reports.

“Excellent parenting skills!! Probably beat her with a flip flop when they got home,” said one of the users, while another said: “Lmao!! How as a parent do you even let that happen...idiots.”

“Thank f--- the kid moved, it was so close to losing a foot or leg it’s unreal,” other horrified user commented.

Probably the best comment was from one viewer who commented, "Woops, where's the child's rear safety seat?"

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