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Netizens Freak Out After Viral Picture Shows Primary School Boy Using RM44,000 Backpack To School

Remember our schooling days? One of the best parts of school was seeing and comparing schoolbags with your classmates and other students. Especially during primary school, where almost every kid uses a backpack with their favourite cartoon adorned on it.

But this primary schooler's backpack went viral for an entirely different reason, as his bag costs RM 44,000.00 if it's authentic.

In the picture that went viral on social media yesterday, the young man was seen using a Supreme X Louis Vuitton backpack, which costs US$11,000.00 on E-bay as his school bag.

The young boy is believed to be attending a private school in Penang.

After seeing the picture, netizens understandably went crazy, especially among streetwear enthusiasts.

Most of them suggested that the kid's bag is a fake, even going as far as posting an authentic picture as comparison.

 A closer look at the kid's attire reveals that he is a true fashionista however, as he is wearing a Nike Sock Dart shoe as his school shoes. If they are authentic, a pair retails for around RM349!

Well even if his bag might not be authentic, thumbs up for his stellar fashion sense at such a young age.

However, a word of caution was shared by concerned parents viewing the post that children carrying or wearing expensive branded items to school leads to them becoming target of thieves.