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Subang Jaya Will Never Be The Same Again, Netizens Bid Goodbye To Asia Cafe

Famous for its local hawker stalls and entertainment outlets such as cyber cafés and pool tables, Asia Café has long been a popular “lepak place” for mostly students and residents of Subang Jaya for the last 14 years.

November last year, a representative of Mediaraya told The Edge Property that a Small-office Home-office (SoHo) project will be developed on the Asia Café premise, comprising of two blocks with a total of 483 units.

"Asia Cafe was set up in 2003 and the building is a bit weathered.

"Initially, we planned to retrofit it, but after considering the changing trend and the warm weather, we felt that it is best to redevelop it to fit the market segment… plus air conditioning," said Mark Choo, property development general manager of Mediaraya.

On August 10, a report by The Hyped Geek revealed that there was still no date issued for the demolition project. Although the news was released last year, most people forgot about the announcement as there was no official date announced along with the statement.

However, is it said that stall operators in Asia Café are slowly moving out and will be shutting down their business here at the end of October.

The news of its demolition was confirmed by Asia Café general manager, Raymond Khoo, as told by World of Buzz.

“Yes, (Asia Café will be demolished) by end of this year to make way for ‘The Grand SS15’, our SoHo project development,” Khoo clarified.

The new multi-storey car park in SS15 might have solved the parking issues around the area but the surreal news has left some of the café’s regular customers utterly devastated.

In hearing the sad news, netizens recounted their fond memories of the iconic place, while some raged over the fact that another pointless development is being established, completely wiping out their favourite hangout joint.

When Asia Café is no longer there, we wonder, where else would we find iconic AC delicacies such as indo mee, fried mushrooms, pari bakar? Will Subang Jaya ever be the same without Asia Cafe?