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Doctor Reveals Shocking Encounter After Being Sexually Harassed By 14-Year-Old Girl On Facebook

Onn Azli Puade FacebookOnn Azli Puade Facebook

A Reuters report today claims the demand for child sex is rising in Southeast Asia, as revealed by the United Nations, with Thailand becoming a regional hub for human trafficking children from poorer neighbouring countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar.

In Malaysia, recent reports revealed more than 5,000 child sex abuse cases were reported over five years according to Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rohani Abdul Karim.

While paedophilia remains prevalent, however, on Facebook, a shocking posting by a doctor from Muar, Johor, who goes by the name Onn Azli Puade has exposed in his posting "Why I wear a mask during my live class" that it is not the only thing our society should be worried of – as he was recently sexually harassed by a teen online.

Teleiophilia, a term which is used when a minor is sexually attracted to adults, is not usually heard of, but the doctor who relayed the ordeal was shocked to encounter this through the many responses he received from young females after conducting some classes #dronnlivemedicalvidz via Facebook live.

“Ever since I conducted live classes I received a few personal messages on Facebook. I’m not flattered or trying to boast that I have “fans”, but this is a question of dignity. Are these classes welcoming negative responses and attracting these kind of people?,” he questioned in the posting on August 1.

Onn Azli Puade FacebookOnn Azli Puade Facebook

This led him to explain that a girl who went by the name Scha Ain, who has since deactivated her Facebook account, had stalked him disguising as a nurse, prior to luring him with explicit photos of herself.

Onn Azli Puade FacebookOnn Azli Puade Facebook

“She used it as a conversation starter and what’s more embarrassing was she proceeded to send a couple of messages with explicit photos and started dirty talking with me,” he said, while adding his mother came across the messages and stopped him from conducting live classes, which resulted in him wearing a mask everytime he went live, following the incident.

Onn Azli Puade FacebookOnn Azli Puade Facebook

But the doctor did not let Scha Ain get away so easily, as he took action by contacting a friend in MCMC to conduct a background check on her, through her profile.

"Through her Facebook account they traced her email address and other accounts such as tumblr, Gmail as well as her contact number which was registered under a girl’s name.

“In obtaining her number they managed to obtain her IC number, and to my surprise, it’s the same girl (her photo on Facebook matches her IC photo) and she's only 14 years old,” he detailed.

“Her case is actually being investigated by MCMC as reports have been lodged against her previously, and they even managed to trace her parents’ contact,” he added.

Onn Azli Puade FacebookOnn Azli Puade Facebook

Sympathising the girl's parents, with the information he had, the doctor proceeded to contact the teen’s father, who happened to perform his umrah in Mecca at that time.

“I told him some key points as I did not want to disturb his pilgrimage. But when he returned to Malaysia I called him again to tell him everything that happened and sent a screenshot of our conversation as well as her tumblr posting, which included her phone number as well as her rate for one night.

“At first he was in denial but later accepted the fact and begged for me not to report her case to the police. And I also asked him if I could write about this case to remind others of the lessons they can learn from it," the doctor relayed.

Onn Azli Puade FacebookOnn Azli Puade Facebook

“To all the parents out there, check your son's or daughter's phone. The case is officially closed, however I hope Ain will return to the right path,” he ended his posting, in which he attached the conversations exchanged on Facebook with regards to the case.

Despite of his good intentions, the doctor however received backlash from a group of people who accused him of exposing the high school girl to gain popularity.

Yesterday on Facebook, he clarified his actions: "Let me clarify this once and for all...viraling a school girl was intended as a lesson to all parents, and I didnt get anything in return at all, I feel more embarassed as I was involved in this case.

"You think I get RM1 for each share? You think I'm goning to be popular by sharing that I was sexually harrassed by a school girl? Only idiots think that way, I mean an idiot with MD and a DR title in front of his/her name,"he sarcastically remarked.

Regardless the mixed reactions, in light of the doctor’s story, we hope this will serve as a wake-up call for our society to pay more attention to social issues like these. And instead of taking advantage of the situation, if we do come across any girls like Scha Ain, it is best to lodge a report to MCMC at relevant authorities like the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM).

In doing so, we could save a child from ruining their future and alert parents to act before it is too little, too late.