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Woman Who Thought She Was Losing Eyesight Due To Old Age Shocked To Find 27 Contact Lenses Stuck On Her Eye Instead

Some of us who experience vision problems might resort to using contact lenses as an alternative to wearing spectacles, due to its convenience and more natural look.

But as everything that is applied to the eye, proper caution needs to be exercised.

Clearly, one 67 year-old-lady from London did not get the memo as doctors found 27 different disposable contact lenses on her cornea while performing a cataract surgery on her.

Surgeons found all 27 of the contact lenses were sticking to her cornea, which caused her to experience some discomfort.

However, the senior citizen brushed it off as she thought it was due to her dry eyes, and her old age.

The incident happened November last year, but was only revealed by the British Medical Journal, in its July 5th publication.

According to Rupal Morjaria, the ophthalmologist handling the case, it was unlike anything she has seen before.

"None of us have ever seen this before.

“It was such a large mass. All the 17 contact lenses were stuck together. We were really surprised that the patient didn’t notice it because it would cause quite a lot of irritation while it was sitting there."

After the discovery, Morjaria said the patient’s cataract surgery had to be postponed as it might risk inflammation and that she would have had a lot of bacteria around her conjunctiva.

“She was quite shocked. When she was seen two weeks after I removed the lenses she said her eyes felt a lot more comfortable. She thought her previous discomfort was just part of old age and dry eye."

Morjaria advised for the public to undergo regular checkups, and to take more precaution when using contact lenses.

“Contact lenses are used all the time, but if they are not appropriately monitored we see people with serious eye infections that can cause them to lose their sight," she noted.