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Kylian Mbappe, TheTeenage Monaco Striker Who Took Europe By Storm Still Lives In A Dorm

The biggest problem teenage football stars face is that they are exposed to large amounts of money at a very young age, which can lead them to getting too big for their britches.

But one young starlet who does not face that problem? Kylian Mbappe.

Although he is one of the biggest names in football right now after helping AS Monaco defeat big names like Borrussia Dortmund and Manchester City in the Champions League, it has been reported that he is still living in the AS Monaco academy dorms.

In Le Parisien's profile of Kylian Mbappe, 'The Other Prince of Monaco', it is revealed that Kylian Mbappe still lives in the AS Monaco academy dorms, and his mom still drives him to training because he still doesnt have his driving license.

The 18 year old striker has been enjoying a stellar season for AS Monaco, scoring 22 goals to help them in their chase for the league and continental success., is clearly not letting all the attention get to his head, and prefers to live in a very understated way.

Le Parisien also reports that the reason why Mbappe still lives in the dorms despite being a bonafide star is because his parents persuaded him to shield him for the dangers of instant fame. Kylian also has experience of watching young players lose their way in all the fame and money.

So, to protect him, Mbappe's parents persuaded him to stay in the dorms, despite him being able to afford probably even the most expensive house in Monaco.

So what does Kylian Mbappe does in his free time then? Well according to Le Parisien, he spends a collosal amount of time on the football management simulator game, 'Football Manager'.

Mbappe has been drawing interest from quite a number of clubs this season, with clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester City, Barcelona all expressing an interest in the young French striker.

However, he has said that he is not interested in moving, and is happy at AS Monaco for the time being.

In the age of teenage footballers wearing million dollar outfits and driving flashy expensive cars, it is very refreshing to see young footballers who are still keeping their feet grounded, and focusing on the game.

But one does have to wonder though, doesn't it bother him to be listed as a right winger in 'Football Manager'?