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[Video] Passengers Almost Died When Flight Caught Fire Mid-Air, Pilot Tells Them To Use Wet Handkerchief To Breathe

Passengers on a Nigerian flight were terrified when the plane’s cabin was filled with smoke after one of the engines allegedly caught fire minutes after take-off.

Footage of the distressing situation in the Aero Contractors flight showed passengers panicking to see the cabin filling with thickening smoke 20 minutes into the domestic flight.

Panicked passengers could be heard in the video praying loudly, shouting and screaming throughout the ordeal.

A passenger on the flight, Oriaku, shared on Twitter the events that unfolded.

“20 minutes after take-off, our Aero Contractors flight started smoking. For 35 minutes we were chanting prayers, screaming, panicking.

“The smoke was so thick we couldn't see, the blades were sparking,” she wrote.

The pilot’s effort to calm the passengers was met with scorn and instead of deploying oxygen masks, passengers were instead advised to use a wet handkerchief.

“Pilot said we should calm down but something was burning, smelling and the smoke got thicker, the alarms went off but he said to calm down?

“He said anyone that can't breathe should use a wet handkerchief. Ha!” she exclaimed.

Once the plane landed in Lagos, Oriaku said that the fire service and emergency unit were already waiting on the runway.

“Everyone is shouting sue sue but I'm just grateful to be alive and on ground. Funny thing is no apology or explanation was given to anyone,” she lamented.

The domestic flight from Port Harcourt to Lagos in Nigeria on Tuesday, April 18 was carrying 53 passengers, including a seven-month-old baby, Sahara Reporters reported.

Following the incident, the management of Aero Contractors came forth to explain the situation surrounding the incident.

According to the Managing Director, Captain Ado Sanusi, the smoke started in the cargo section of the aircraft and got into the cabin through the air-conditioning system.

He also said the pilot managed to land the flight safely despite the circumstance and added that the plane was due for a test flight yesterday.