LAST_UPDATETue, 19 Jun 2018 12am

[Video] Netizens Expresses Concern Over Police Officer Involved In Hit-And-Run Accident Caught On Camera Gone Viral

Our men in uniform risk life and limb daily in the the line of duty as shown in this viral video of a policeman being practically run over by a car driven by a individual trying to escape.

In the 36-second video shared to the Friends of PDRM Facebook page, the lone policeman was involved in a cut-off pursuit and was heartlessly mowed down by the culprit who was trying to evade police arrest.

According to the Facebook posting, the incident that took place yesterday at 2.20pm and involved a police officer from the MPV unit (Unit Kereta Peronda) who had got himself involved in a horrendous hit and run incident in the line of duty.

Netizens are not pleased with the accident that reportedly took place on Lebuhraya Pasir Gudang, nearby to Permas Jaya, according to the description provided.

The posting also described that the fleeing suspect in the car is believed to be a Malay and had deliberately crashed into the officer and sped off quickly, as shown in the viral video uploaded on Facebook.

The victim, who is described as an officer with a corporal rank had suffered a broken leg.

Thankfully, the suspect was successfully arrested as he was caught by the MPV Seri Alam (Seri Alam 586) patrols on Jalan Ros Merah after being shot twice.

Like the rest of the netizens, we too at Malaysian Digest prays for the innocent police officer on his speedy recovery. We salute you for putting your personal safety in danger in the name of duty!