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[VIDEO] The Dancing AirAsia Steward Who Went Viral, Find Out Why His'Toxic' Moves Caught Tony Fernandes's Attention

A video of an AirAsia steward breaking down to Britney Spear’s Toxic recently went viral, and has even caught the attention of the big boss himself.

While most of us often resort to stress-eating, retail shopping or going out for a quick run to cope with stress, Assraf Nasir decided to show off his wicked dance moves whilst lip-syncing to the Princess of Pop’s 2003 hit single.

The entertaining video garnered a lot of buzz across social media, as it managed to gather over 4,000 retweets and likes on Twitter and over 200,000 views on Instagram – so much so that it was even picked up by 9gag!

“Hahahaha. I laughed until I almost died. The trolley stint, hahaha,” Reshahzan wrote on twitter.

“Is this why AirAsia’s flight are always delayed”,” another twitter user jokingly asked.

But netizens are not the only one who are applauding Assraf’s talent as Tan Sri Tony Fernandes even shared the video on his Instagram.

“The talent in AirAsia never fails to amaze me. Assraf Nasir is the best!,” he captioned.

“Love it that staff can just have fun and be themselves.”

And if ever passengers are board on an AirAsia flight, rest assured Assraf is there to brighten the mood!

- Malaysian Digest