LAST_UPDATEFri, 22 Jun 2018 11pm

[Video] Emma Watson Struggles To Answer Questions With Cute Kittens Surrounding Her

As Malaysians find themselves struggling to come to terms with the postponement of the "Beauty and the Beast" film due to a “gay moment”, perhaps watching the movie’s main cast Emma Watson (who plays Belle), playing with kittens, would make up for the delayed release.

Emma, a poised UN Women Goodwill Ambassador has come out of her shell since her Hermione Granger days to become a young feminist icon, and has since delivered rousing speeches in public.

However, put a kitten, or kittens, in front of her, and she has shown to lose concentration.

In a super adorable video released today by BuzzFeed, Emma does ‘The Kitten Interview’, where she had to answer some fans’ questions about the Disney classic live-action remake, while playing with five cute kittens – which proved to be a very difficult task for the star.

“I’m playing with tiny cute kittens, my day is made!,” she squealed.

As she starts answering the questions, four white kittens climb all over her, with one hanging onto her shoulder. Emma gestures to the furry one, “Do you wanna come down? Is this a little high for you?,” who clearly loves its position there.

Emma is seen stroking one of the kittens as she holds the fluff ball close to her chest, while others around her are sniffing the floor, walking and playing around the set – with one chasing its shadow which she thinks is “too cute”.

Answering the question whether Belle and Hermione have anything in common she jumps in to say: “YES!... They are like perfect head and heart girls. They have both. They’re super smart but also have this incredible empathy, compassion and ability to see beyond things and be non-judgemental."

As the interview comes to a wrap, Emma, who has clearly fallen in love with her “little props” begs: “No, I don’t want it to be over. Please do not let it be over, I never wanna leave,” she said, finding it hard to part from the almost-sleeping kitten on her lap.


Didn’t we say that it would make your day? Other netizens agreed too.

“This is literally the best video on the internet omg,” said one netizen.

But surely, this comment: “Did anybody else forget to read 80% of the questions on the screen and have to go back to them because THE KITTENS WERE SO CUTELY DISTRACTING ?!,” is one we can all relate to.

Forget Emma, cute kittens rule – but cute kittens plus Emma, certainly rule the world!!