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What Happens When An Avid Sportsman Finds Beach Junk? He Creates A Gym

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A painter hailing from Cape Verde proved that financial deficit isn’t a limitation as he created a gym for his local community made entirely out of recycled beach junk.

43-year-old Alcindo Almedia Soares’s love for sports and keeping his island clean has served his homeland and community well.

Soares was able to put both his skills and hobbies to good use as he created gym equipment like pull-up bars and dumbbells out of the rubbish he found scattered on the beach – allowing the community to stay fit for free.

“Sport means everything to me,” Soares revealed, in a short film by Roger Serrasqueiro.

“I love to train, ever since I was a kid. It really means a lot,” and highlighting that the (proper) island gyms are expensive.

Pic: ScreenshotPic: Screenshot

Soares went on to explain that tourism is immensely important for the Island and without it, “This place is nothing.

“I feel proud when I see Santa Maria’s beach clean. It’s important to keep it clean. You shouldn’t just throw trash on the sand.”

With an unconventional gym now existing on the island situated on a volcanic archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa, Soares aims to gradually build on the gym and make it look presentable for tourists.

“For as long as I live, I’ll continue to use it,” he added.

But who wouldn’t? The sun, the beach and tropical breeze – this couldn’t have been a better environment to get people’s spirit pumping to exercise.

And the fact that it’s both environmentally friendly and has an inspirational background story is a bonus!

- Malaysian Digest