LAST_UPDATEFri, 22 Jun 2018 11pm

Shocking Pictures Of Women Sharing Fetus Photos On Mobile Chat Apps After Taking Abortion Pills

While sharing interesting posts is one of the perks of having social media and applications on our mobile phones, something that has been abuzz lately appears to be more disturbing than enlightening.

An appalling posting online reveals abortion pills are widely being sold via WeChat and WhatsApp of late – and shockingly, users have been sharing images of their fully-formed fetuses and embryo after their successful abortion, with its seller.

In screenshots of conversations between buyer and seller, pictures of visibly bloodied fetuses are shared, with buyers asking advise “What should I do?” after terminating their pregnancy.

Even more saddening, as fetuses can potentially survive outside the womb, those who found themselves in the predicament chose to bury their unborn offspring alive.

Based on one screenshot, the seller explains the price of the pills depend on the month of pregnancy.

“Two months, eight pills, RM470, 10 pills to heal the genitilia,” the seller wrote, which only means, the later the abortion, the more money one is expected to fork up.

The post shared by user Jat Jaa on Facebook, January 9 has received more than 48,000 shares at the time of writing, sending many netizens in dismay.

“Dear God, many in this world wish they could become mothers and are struggling to have babies, but these people just do as they please and take away a life God has given. Poor babies. I hope these women who abort their babies realise that it’s not easy to have a baby,” one user wrote.

“Although these women who abort their babies are cruel, the woman selling the pills is far worse,” another critcised.

Jat Jaa has also urged the authorities to take action against unlawful killing and those responsible for this inhumane act – to save another life.

Abortion is not illegal in Malaysia, as it is permitted to save a woman’s life and to preserve her physical and mental health (Penal Code Section 312, amended in 1989), however it should be done legally − within which an abortion can take place in 120 days.

In addition, a woman must consent to an abortion, be equipped with knowledge and be aware of the options available before making her decision, and she must have a medical professional's authorisation.

More information on legal abortion can be obtained from the Federation of Reproductive Health Associations, Malaysia (FRHAM).