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[PHOTOS] 4-Year-Old Girl Raped And Tortured Before Being Thrown Into Muddy River

WEST PAPUA, INDONESIA: The residents of Sorong, a chartered coastal city in the eastern Indonesian province, awoke on Tuesday (Jan 10) to the shocking discovery of a dead body of a 4-year-old girl at 2.30pm who was buried in the mud, a local news portal reports.

The victim, who has been identified as Kasia Mamangsa, was found buried in the mud with hands tied behind her back.

She is believed to have been tortured and raped before being killed based on the discovery of the injury to her private parts.

It is understood that her body was later extraciated from the muddy river before being sent to a nearby hospital for a post-mortem.

Meanwhile, police have arrested three teenagers in connection to the murder. All of them were neighbours of the victim.

According to witnesses, all three suspects had just finished partying and were seen carrying away a child near the city prior to the search – not too far from the victim's house.

It is learnt that police had to impose strict controls to prevent any untoward incidents from the victim's family members retaliating in grief and shock towards the heinous crime committed against the child, accordinng to Indonesian news portal The Reporter