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[Video] 'This Is How You Teach, Teach, Teach English', Watch Why This Awesome English Lesson Is Breaking The Internet

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Who thought English grammar class could be so exciting?

This teacher's unique take on teaching grammar will certainly captivate you and bring on a smile at the very least for the amount of enthusiasm shown.

Besides making his students chant words and phrases repeatedly, he does this accompanied by an acute sense of musical rhythm and some killer dance moves to top it off.

"We don't, we don't write a letter," he makes the class repeat while dancing around energetically.

"You don't, you don't write a letter," he continues and the class repeats it like a musical chorus.

This unidentified teacher's hilarious sing and dance show has gained him plenty of fans online. Although he is not named, the setting and accent appears to be from the Indian continent.

Since it was shared to an entertainment and lifestye Facebook page recently, it has notched up over 1.5 million views with tens of thousands of shares.

Some netizens hailed him as a hero of the English language while others humorously observed that he just murdered the language. Here are what some people had to say:

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Check out this video and find out if it leaves you rolling in laughter or perhaps make you see grammar in a whole new light.

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