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[VIDEO] Creepy Home Video Shows Poltergeist Haunting A Young Girl, Sending Objects Flying Across The Room

On a scale of one to ten, how terrified are you if a poltergeist terrorised your home?

La Otra Dimensión uploaded a video of a poltergeist terrorising a young girl on their Facebook page two weeks ago, and it has gotten netizens speculating on its authenticity.

Mirror UK reported that the girl’s father decided to install CCTVs in the house following his daughter’s complaint that ‘something was bothering her.’

The video starts off with the innocent child playing with her dolls – by herself – when out of nowhere, her lonesome purple-dressed doll started tilting her head side to side multiple times.

The girl was clearly engrossed in her playtime as she remained oblivious of the eerie event that’s happening right under her nose.

She may have been spared from the poltergeists’ disturbance in the first footage, but the second footage revealed that the poltergeist made its presence known.

Siting in a dimly lit living room, the girl is seen drawing on a piece of paper before the unwelcomed entity sent papers flying off the table and like any other child, the girl ran out the living room.

And just when you thought it stopped there, the invisible force ‘threw’ the remaining stationaries off the table, and it screeched across the floor of the empty room.

The time stamp in the footage stated that the eerie event happened in September last year, but the video went viral recently after La Otra Dimensión – a supernatural and horror-centric site – uploaded it on Facebook and has since received over five million views.

Be that as it may, majority of netizens are questioning over the footage’s authenticity:

“This looks staged AF,” one user wrote.

“What are the odds that they used an ‘invisible string’ to pull the doll and table?”

However one user, Julio Cesar Alvarez Perez, came to the video’s defense, saying: “To all (those who) say this is fake, I would like to see your face if any of this happened to you or worse – your daughter.”

So, what do you think? Is this an authentic footage of a poltergeist establishing its presence or is it all just a hoax?

- Malaysian Digest