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Blazing Meteor Creates Light Show Across New England Sky

Pic: ReutersA meteor lit up the night sky over New England and eastern Canada early on Tuesday, startling people who saw it including police officers who captured the show on a dashcam.

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What Are Today's Headlines?

The English dailies today focused on pressing local issues including the breakdown of KLIA’s Immigration system that threatens to compromise national security, the barring of Malaysians from leaving the country if they spoke ill of the government, MOF to impose tax on online businesses, the threat of I.S bringing the war to Malaysian shores and the plan to boost public transport in Malaysia.

Airport Security Shocker – Individuals involved in manning and operating the online Immigration system used to screen foreigners entering Malaysia through KL Internation Airport are currently under the radar of the Home Ministry, the MalayMail reports in their exclusive, as the frequent breakdowns of the system was found to not be accidental and has allowed unwanted individuals to easily enter and leave the country.

Barred – The Immigration department’s enforcement of the ruling where individuals who speak ill of the Malaysian government are being barred from leaving the country several months ago, is within the rights of the department according to an expert, as highlighted in The Star's exclusive report.

Tax On Online Businesses/Ex-KMM Leader Bringing I.S Terror War HereNew Straits Times focused on two major issues which have made headlines, the first of which is the Finance Ministry’s plan to impose tax on online businesses following the unprecedented growth in online transactions, and has requested the Inland Revenue Board to evaluate the matter thoroughly. Sharing the frontpage is the paper's exclusive report on Zainuri Kamaruddin, who is the former Kumpulan Mujahidin Malaysia leader, and his plan to lead the group in Islamic State’s war against Malaysia.

Public Transport Boost – The public transport modal share is being aggressively pursued by the government, The Sun reports, as a multitude of public transport initiatives are rolled out to meet its target of 40% for Greater Kuala Lumpur and 15% for other capital cities by 2030

The Malay dailies highlighted various issues such as the action taken against the distribution of contraband drugs, the rejection of voters against parachute candidates, an artiste filing a report against her ex-husband, continuing developments from Indonesia's ban on live-in maids and the deviant teachings being taught to Malaysian students at religious schools in Indonesia.

Zahid Arah Bertindak (Zahid Orders Immediate Action) – Following the expose on the spread of pil kuda that is threatening the East Coast by Utusan Malaysia, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has ordered every agency to take action as the issue on drugs has reached a chronic stage.

Tolak Calon Payung Terjun (Reject Parachute Candidates)Sinar Harian frontpages Sungai Besar constituency voters’ hope to get a local candidate who can work together with them and are people friendly.

Fasha Sandha Dakwa Diganggu Bekas Suami (Fasha Sandha Claims Being Harassed By Ex-Husband) – Fasha Sandha made a police report after she claimed that her house has been trespassed and her life also monitored by her ex-husband, Kosmo! reports.

Khidmat Diterus, Syarat Diubah (Service Continues, Conditions Change) – The issue of maids from Indonesia is highlighted on Berita Harian, where their services can be continued if conditions are changed including maids being managed by a company, the working hours follow a daily schedule and they do not live in their employer’s household.

Pesantren Sesat (Deviant Religious Schools)Harian Metro spotlights on several religious schools in Indonesia that are targeting hundreds of Malaysian youths studying in the republic to be moulded with different deviant teachings, with the goal of developing students with radical and militant mindset.

The vernacular dailies frontpaged social issues and local concerns ranging from a fatal accident involving a car and a lorry, the Indonesian government stopping its female citizens from working abroad as live-in maids and a grandmother who is finally declared a Malaysian after 60 years.

Three Killed, One Hurt After Car Collides With Two LorriesTamil Nesan reports that three people were killed and another was seriously injured in an accident invol­ving a car and two lorries in Kampung Kepayang near here. P. Poonggothai, 57, her sister P. Tamarai Veni and her brother-in-law S. Manickam, 54, were killed instantly when the Perodua MyVi they were in collided with two lorries along Jalan Lahat-Simpang Pulai yesterday. Poonggothai’s husband, who was also in the car, was seriously injured. Both the lorry drivers were unhurt.

No More Indonesian Maids To Malaysia Starting Next Year – On its frontpage today, Sin Chew Daily reports that Indonesia will stop its female citizens from going abroad, including Malaysia, to work as domestic helpers and house maids starting 2017 in which it is expected that Malaysia would be hit hard by the potential ban.

107-Year-Old Grandmother Now Finally A “Malaysian” After Waiting For 60 YearsChina Press reports that a centenarian, Teo Kim Len, 107 is the oldest person to become a Malaysian after she received her identity card at the National Registration Department yesterday after her application was rejected five times previously.


Old Dogg, New Tricks: Snoop Reinvented As Football Coach

Pic: AFPWith a criminal career that takes in cocaine trafficking, rolling with Los Angeles gangs, weapons charges and a murder trial, he may be an unlikely role model.

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Are We A Nation Of Smartphone Junkies?

Pic: TBP

WHEN not at school, Andrew (not his real name) essentially spends all of his time on the smartphone — Internet surfing, playing video games and on Facebook.

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Prepare For Infectious Diseases, Landslides, Flash Floods And Disasters During The Coming La Nina

La Nina was not a word many Malaysians knew, and the few who did might have wondered if it was a joke on the word El Nino.

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At What Age Do People Marry Around The World?

FilePic: Getty Images

With data taken from the United Nations World Marriage Data 2015, Priceonomics has accrued global statistics to come up with a data sheet that shows the average age men and women marry around the world.

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Health And Well-Being Are More Than Just Physical

Mental health factors like loneliness, and sensory factors like hearing loss, can matter more to someone's well-being and risk of death than traditional measures like cancer and high blood pressure, a new study suggests.

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Silent Heart Attacks Strike More Men But Kill More Women

Nearly half of all heart attacks may be silent, occurring without any symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath and cold sweats, a U.S. study suggests.

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