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Japanese Airport Unleashes Ninja Warriors Hired To Meet And Greet Guests

After throwing out an international call for ninja warriors that was met with overwhelming demand earlier this spring, Japan's tourism office has finally unleashed the anointed ninja squad at a local airport where they will entertain travelers and turn little ones into aspiring ninja cadets.

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So You Think You Chose To Read This Article?

You may think you choose to read one story over another, or to watch a particular video rather than all the others clamouring for your attention.

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Singapore Hawker Food Stalls Awarded Michelin Star, First Time In History

Michelin stars are awarded to selected restaurants for its excellence, and getting rated with a star is a huge achievement for any establishment.

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[Video] Matt Damon Asks Local Celebrities Out On A Movie Date In Malay

Matt Damon has a charm, and he has proven to use it well to swoon some local female celebrities recently.

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What Are Today's Headlines?


Friday is heated up with major headlines in the English dailies which include more people buying fake degrees in desperation to secure higher pay, two hitmen being arrested for the murder of Datin Wong Siu Ling, and the MH370 team admitting to looking for the missing airplane in the wrong place.

‘Hot’ Degree – Desperate for employment or better salaries, some people have resorted to buying fake degrees. theSun highlighted there are many methods of buying fake certificates, and the prices range from hundreds to thousands of ringgit, depending on the “course taken.”

RM13m Poser Over Datin’s Murder – Datin Wong Siu Ling was murdered in Taman OUG on July 6 and the police believed it was because of a RM13 million ceramic business deal that went nowhere. A report by MalayMail stated city police chief Datuk Amar Singh said she had given the money last year to a businessman who went into hiding soon after that. She then persisted demanding to have her money returned.

RM60k For A Kill – Similarly, theStar reported that police had arrested the two hitmen hired by the businessman who paid them RM60,000 to gun down Datin Wong Siu Ling.

Searching In The Wrong Place? – It has been two years since flight MH370 was reported missing. Following up with the latest events, New Straits Times highlights searchers claim the plane glided down rather than dived in the final moments, meaning they have been scouring the wrong patch of ocean for two years.

Malay dailies on the other hand, focused on the latest lawsuit by the U.S Justice Department involving 1MDB, aside criminal activities which saw two local celebrities being arrested for fraud, the tragic deaths of married couples, as well as a recent case of robbery in JPJ's office.

1MDB: AS Bertindak (US Government Takes Action Against 1MDB) – Just as the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) issue has started to die down, the U.S. Justice Department has filed a lawsuit seeking to freeze more than $1 billion in assets of properties tied to 1MDB, Sinar Harian reported on its front page.

Artis Projek Bunian (Comedians’ False Project) – Two local celebrities used fake identities to cheat a South Korean businessman RM485,000, offering to build a non-existent ‘new highway’ from Pahang to Johor. The police told Harian Metro, they were caught using false documents alleging they were from the finance ministry’s office.

Pergaduhan Suami Isteri (Married Couples’ Quarrel)Kosmo! highlighted two different cases of quarrels that took place between husband and wife which ended in tragic deaths. In Johor, a 21-year-old jobless husband murdered his 21-year-old wife because he suspected she was cheating on him. While in Sabah, the wife of a police officer accidently shot her husband while they were quarrelling.

Kerani Jadi Dalang (Clerk Turned Mastermind)Utusan highlighted on its front page nine suspects including two women were arrested for robbing the Road Transport Department (JPJ) office in Wangsa Maju on July 4. One of the suspects, a 40-year-old clerk at the office was identified as the mastermind.

Meanwhile, the vernacular dailies spotlighted the recent 1MDB controversy.

U.S. Seeks To Seize RM4 Billion Assets Tied To 1MDB - On its front page today, Sin Chew Daily reported that U.S. federal prosecutors plan to seek permission to seize more than RM4 billion in assets purchased with money allegedly misappropriated from 1MDB in which Attorney General Mohamed Apandi said yesterday that investigations related to 1MDB across the world have showed otherwise.

U.S. Seeks RM4 Billion In 1MDB-Tied Assets Used To Finance Film And Purchase Of Property - Also highlighting on the same issue, China Press reported that U.S. prosecutors are trying to seize more than RM4 billion in assets they said were tied to funds misappropriated by 1MDB, overseen by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and used to finance "The Wolf of Wall Street" film and to buy property and works of art.

--Malaysian Digest

Can Reading Encourage Empathy?

Although it has long been assumed that reading is good for your mental health, there has been little evidence so far to prove it. However in a new review published this week a professor from the University of Toronto, Canada, argues that reading fictional stories could encourage individuals to show more empathy.

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Something’s Not Quite Right With This Doormat

Pic: Twitter

It’s so annoying when you buy something online and it turns out not to be what you expected.

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An Easy Way Out By US Justice Dept?

Pic: Reuters

KUALA LUMPUR: First thing first, the US Attorney-General’s much-anticipated press conference just before noon in the Washington D.C. yesterday sounded unusually political.

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If You Forget To Say 'Please' While Ordering Coffee, This Cafe Will Charge You Extra

Pic: Washington Post

A barista at CUPS Coffee & Tea in Roanoke, Va., was having a rough day, and a stream of rude customers in the coffee shop wasn't helping. So he wrote a message on a whiteboard outside the shop, warning customers if they weren't polite, they'd have to pay more for their coffee.

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What Are Today's Headlines?

As we move to the end of week, our local English dailies highlighted local issues such as the suggestion for students enrolling in Standard 1 to submit their immunisation records starting 2020, talk of snap polls in Penang going nowhere and the police expressing confidence in solving the homicide case of a 32-year-old real estate agent that was shot in Taman OUG on July 6.

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