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Ogy Ahmad Daud

KUALA LUMPUR – Renowned actress Fauziah Datuk Ahmad Daud or popularly known as Ogy strives to bring back the glory of street theatre in the 90s era through the organising of the two-day Street Theatre Carnival beginning March 3.

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Fake News Of 'Special Announcement' By PM Najib Goes Viral, Gets Netizens Speculating About GE14 http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724226-fake-news-of-special-announcement-by-pm-najib-goes-viral-gets-netizens-speculating-about-ge14.html http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724226-fake-news-of-special-announcement-by-pm-najib-goes-viral-gets-netizens-speculating-about-ge14.html

Pic: Twitter

It's definitely the silly season as election fever heats up online.

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Ancient Rome: Scientists Explain Geological Mystery That Killed Animals But Not Priests At 'Gate To Hell' http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724214-ancient-rome-scientists-explain-geological-mystery-that-killed-animals-but-not-priests-at-gate-to-hell.html http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724214-ancient-rome-scientists-explain-geological-mystery-that-killed-animals-but-not-priests-at-gate-to-hell.html

Archaeologists have uncovered fascinating new details about a cave in Turkey that ancient Romans believed to be an entrance to the underworld.

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At 67, How Tok Pa Tirelessly Sacrifices Time With His Family For Kelantan http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724197-at-67-how-tok-pa-tirelessly-sacrifices-time-with-his-family-for-kelantan.html http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724197-at-67-how-tok-pa-tirelessly-sacrifices-time-with-his-family-for-kelantan.html

While people spend their years dreaming about their retirement and enjoy their retired life when the time comes, at the age of 67, there’s no slowing down for International Trade and Industry (MITI) minister, Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed.

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New York Librarian Wins "Worst Commute" Award For Subway Nightmare Story http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724162-new-york-librarian-wins-worst-commute-award-for-subway-nightmare-story.html http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724162-new-york-librarian-wins-worst-commute-award-for-subway-nightmare-story.html

NEW YORK -- A New York subway advocacy group Tuesday announced the first winner of the city's "Worst Commute of the Week" competition.

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The Cast Of OlaBola The Musical On Making Sure They Stay Fit And Healthy http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724157-the-cast-of-olabola-the-musical-on-making-sure-they-stay-fit-and-healthy.html http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724157-the-cast-of-olabola-the-musical-on-making-sure-they-stay-fit-and-healthy.html

Pic: Malaysian Digest

From putting on a ‘Luar Biasa’ (extraordinary) show, to instilling a sense of pride and unity amongst audiences via their stellar performance, the cast of ‘OlaBola The Musical’ took an intermission to remind Malaysians why it is imperative to start prioritising our health.

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What Are Today’s Headlines? http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724147-what-are-today-s-headlines-21-02.html http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724147-what-are-today-s-headlines-21-02.html

The English dailies today reports on Pakatan Harapan re-evaluation of its campaign pledges, the ‘Gang 04’ members, the Indonesian maid abuse fatality case, and the fake government assistance scams offered by conmen.

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M’sians Honour The Late Legendary “Asian Steel Gate Goalkeeper” Who Played On The Same Pitch With Pele http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724125-m-sians-honour-the-late-legendary-asian-steel-gate-goalkeeper-who-played-on-the-same-pitch-with-pele.html http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724125-m-sians-honour-the-late-legendary-asian-steel-gate-goalkeeper-who-played-on-the-same-pitch-with-pele.html

“Asian Steel Gate goalkeeper” Chow Chee Keong, who is known for his legendary heroics for the national squad in the 1960s has passed away this morning.

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Seas To Rise About A Meter Even If Climate Goals Are Met - Study http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724106-seas-to-rise-about-a-meter-even-if-climate-goals-are-met-study.html http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724106-seas-to-rise-about-a-meter-even-if-climate-goals-are-met-study.html

Pic: ReutersOSLO: Sea levels will rise between 0.7 and 1.2 meters (27-47 inches) in the next two centuries even if governments end the fossil fuel era as promised under the Paris climate agreement, scientists said on Tuesday.

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What Do Young Voters Want From Political Parties? http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724061-what-do-young-voters-want-from-political-parties.html http://malaysiandigest.com/features/724061-what-do-young-voters-want-from-political-parties.html

It is no secret that political parties are always looking for more support by recruiting new members from all segments of the community, regardless of race, religious affiliation or age group.

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