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Alibaba Group Unveils Enhancements To IP Platform

KUALA LUMPUR – Alibaba Group has unveiled enhancements to its Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) Platform during the Brand Rights Holders Day held in Beijing yesterday.

In a statement today, Alibaba said, brands and IP owners had been using the IPP Platform to flag counterfeit or IP-infringing product listings and to request for the listings to be taken down.

It said during the first month after the technology enhancements were made, almost all of the cases highlighted by the rights holders were handled and concluded within 24 hours, which among other things resulted in 83 per cent of the listings being taken down. 

“Key highlights of the IPP Platform technology upgrades include a dedicated intellectual property rights (IPR) professionals to reduce response time for inbound inquiries, as well as a proactive outreach to new IPP users and those with more complicated IPR cases.

“This includes a broader brand-protection technological capabilities, such as the multi-lingual trademark recognition,” it said.

During the Brand Rights Holders Day, Alibaba engaged with 180 brand representatives to discuss ways to further improve online and offline IP protection and build mutual trust.

The operator of the world’s largest online and mobile marketplace also disclosed recent developments in furthering brand and stakeholder collaboration, partnerships with law-enforcement and the legal action against IPR infringers. 

“These include an agreement between the Alibaba Group and French luxury group Kering last week to cooperate on efforts to protect intellectual property rights and to take joint enforcement actions, both online and offline, against infringers,” it said.