About Us

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The Malaysian Digest is the voice of reason. Capturing viewpoints and showcasing issues, within the context of effects, causes and implications. We are news in earnest, without the veil of partisan politics, emotional outcries and blind suppositions and we bring you the news as it is and current issues as it develops.

Our aim is provide an avenue for intellectual discourse and reasonable discussions. Our goal is to bridge the gap between thought and action, to smooth the creases of emotions and indifference. Our ultimate mission is to provide a sounding board for informed decisions, the voice of reason amidst the storm.

We support issues, truths and viewpoints. Not politics, not personalities nor directives or agendas. Our only censorship is the truth and our only duty is to Malaysia and its good people.

We do not make statements nor proclaim accusations; we only give you the news and issues, backed up with all the pertinent facts and many viewpoints. Giving you all the information and allowing you to form your own decision, and make up your own mind.